The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an educational, history reenactment and educational organization that focuses on the Middle Ages. Within the SCA, many people join unofficial groups called “households” because they share a common interest. Horde Ernak (also called the Hun Horde) is such a household.

Horde Ernak formed in 1986 in California. By 1988, it was an established household in the SCA with a registered device (symbol). We are proud to say that we were the very first Hun Horde in the entire SCA and the first Horde of any kind on the U.S. west coast. This makes Horde Ernak one of the oldest and most established Hordes in the SCA. Although there are many types of nomad personas that have ridden with the Horde, the official theme of the household is Hun. As a group, we are a tribal people with our own customs, traditions, and culture.

The Horde camp depicts Huns from 5th century CE; living in a region called Sugdak which was located north of the Black Sea in the eastern wing of the Hunnic Empire. These Huns controlled the lucrative fur trade along the Silk Road and were formidable warriors.

The name “Ernak” comes from a Hunnic legend. Ernak was the name of Attila’s favorite son. The shamans saw greatness in Ernak and foretold that the Huns would eventually be scattered to the four winds, but that with Ernak they would be reunited again. Because of this legend, Ernak is the name of our Horde- as we are the Huns gathered again. The name “Ernak” means “great hero” in Oghuric Turkic which was the dominant language of the Empire. Horde Ernak is the “Horde of the Heroic People”.